The Rain Cant Ruin This Picnic!

FINALLY! Summer vacation is here! Personally I have been waiting for Summer since Christmas break, and somehow managed to make it through finals, and one AP exam! Even though school is over, i'd have to say that this year was one for the books. I made a ton of new friends, created some great memories, … Continue reading The Rain Cant Ruin This Picnic!


A Pink Weekend OOTD

Hello there everyone! This past weekend was an ADVENTURE! Having off Friday and Monday left me plenty of time to relax, adventure, and do everything in between! Without a doubt this long weekend was one to remember! I went out to eat on Friday, got donuts on Saturday, relaxed Sunday, and by Monday I was … Continue reading A Pink Weekend OOTD

5 Tips I Use to Stay Organized…and You Should Too!

Doesn't 7 days seem like such a long time...can't we just skip to Friday (Friyay)! Personally  I know how long a week can feel! Sometimes being a bit more relaxed makes time fly by!  One tip I have to make this happen be organized! Here are my tips for staying organized, and hopefully as … Continue reading 5 Tips I Use to Stay Organized…and You Should Too!